Bill Laing’s Silkscreens

Bill Laing – “Terrain of the Domestic Landscape #2” – Silkscreen

Yesterday we spent a few enjoyable hours poking around the always lively Granville Island. Amongst other pleasures, we stopped in to view Bill Laing’s exhibition PARIS: Recent Silkscreen Prints at Malaspina Printmakers Gallery.

Magnified patterns from nature; leaf vein patterns, ripples on the surface of water and patterns that mirror nature; floral lace patterns, leaf motifs on drapery form the source of inspiration for Bill Laing’s recent silkscreen prints.

These patterns usually obscure hidden human figures that you would not know were there until stepping back farther – an interesting visual play. I was pleased to see a body of his work together, having only seen one or two in real life before. Bill Laing is a well-known Canadian printmaker, a professor and head of printmaking at the University of Calgary, Alberta.

It’s well worth visiting this exhibition if you are in the area, and it is still up until February 19th. You can read more about Bill Laing and see some of his works at the Herringer Kiss Gallery site.

February 12, 2006 in Art Exhibitions, Other artists by Marja-Leena