photos of Finland

Niklas Sjöblom photo, February 6, 2006

I have a few longer blog posts that I have been wanting to write for some time but have been busy and then too tired to organize my thoughts and research. So, instead I’ll be lazy and point to a couple of interesting photography links that I think you will enjoy.

Niklas Sjöblom’s photoblog Under the Open Sky has won acclaim for the stunningly beautiful, almost daily photos taken of the changing seasons, usually around Helsinki.

The second site is presently featured on Virtual Finland’s* front page, and is a hauntingly beautiful slide show of Icebreakers in the Baltic Sea.

*Virtual Finland has been replaced by ‘This is Finland’ but most links will not transfer though we are lucky the above one does.

February 13, 2006 in Finland, Estonia & Finno-Ugric, Photography by Marja-Leena