countdown to Xmas

It stopped snowing mid-morning yesterday, leaving us with a gloriously beautiful, magical world, especially when the sun comes out. This year we have many amazing huge icicles; I was surprised to see some black-capped chickadees taking a sip at their melting tips. I don’t understand people around here who whine about the snow and cold when it’s such a rare gift from Mother Nature.
Last night our eldest daughter and partner arrived safely after a five hour problem free drive from central interior BC. However, our middle daughter, husband and grandkids’s direct flight from London yesterday was cancelled without explanation. The little ones were so very disappointed. They were rescheduled for today with a plane change in Toronto, arriving this evening so they are in the air over Ontario now.
So many travellers have had huge delays everywhere because of snow, I hope they all make it home for Christmas! Another snow storm is coming tonight and tomorrow, with continuing snow on and off the rest of the week, though it’s going to warm up. I do hope the rain doesn’t come too soon!
As for getting ready for Christmas, we’re just about there! Last week I made stollen (a German Christmas bread) and cranberry pistachio biscotti (Italian). Today, while the others are out doing last-minute shopping for gifts and food, youngest daughter and I just finished baking Finnish Christmas tarts. The Finnish gingersnaps dough is chilling and the daughters will make and bake them tomorrow morning with their nieces.
Tomorrow evening we celebrate our traditional Finnish and German Christmas Eve, starting with a Finnish style feast of ham and many vegetables, followed by carols around the piano while awaiting Santa’s arrival. Some years we go out to see the Christmas lights festival in one of the city parks but it’s too cold this year. Candlelight and a crackling fire will be much more inviting.
I will post my annual Christmas e-card and wishes tomorrow as I have too many glorious snow and ice photos to share right now! Enjoy your holiday preparations and have safe travels!
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December 23, 2008 in Canada and BC, Culture by Marja-Leena