fairy happy birthday


We’ve just had a delightful iChat (video chat) with our youngest granddaughter Niamh on her third birthday. She opened her birthday presents in front of us, then promptly began to paint with the watercolours and paper we gave her. A young Chagall or Kandinsky in the making!

Isn’t this a fabulous card that daughter Anita made while she was visiting last week? We brainstormed the idea for this one, based on a somewhat similar one I’d made for her older sister three weeks ago. We selected crops from photos of flowers from her garden, Niamh on a swing, and the wings of a moth. Niamh loves this, adores her stripes and now wants wings!

What a great invention this iChat is for keeping in touch with family far away, in this case in London, UK. When they were living here, the granddaughters had weekly video chats with their other grandparents in Birmingham, England. We only wished we could have had a taste of the fairy cakes!

(New readers may be interested in reading about the day of Niamh’s birth, also the opening of my solo exhibition, forever remembered together.)

November 16, 2008 in Being an Artist, Current Events by Marja-Leena