I felt really happy this fall with the progress on my art work, with ARKEO #4 and #5.

However this month my artmaking has suddenly stalled, as have fall garden cleanup and long walks, and it’s not just the fault of our dull rainy days of November. I sit too much in front of the computer and over newspapers reading about elections (yay, Obama!) and the economy; even my usually rare TV viewing has jumped.

I’ve lost my motivation, even though the desire is still there, slowly becoming buried as I dull my senses. Living with pain, disrupted sleep and frequent visits for treatments are my current preoccupation and distraction these days. Suddenly feeling older and crankier, I keep reminding myself that many others maintain their spirits under far greater health challenges, like fighting cancer. Impatient patient though I am, I believe that I’ll get better with the care of my gifted naturopath, given a little time. I just hope I’ll not lose the creative desire if this lasts too long, for my past experience has been that it takes me a while to get those juices flowing again after too long an interruption.

Another interruption is coming up fast: Christmas. Our eldest daughter was visiting this week and she became excited by the new Christmas issue of the Martha Stewart magazine, thus reminding me it’s that time of year again. Our whole family is coming home this year so there will be much to prepare. I think this year I may forego making my own cards for the first time in years. Disliking shopping as I do maybe I’ll take up sewing again and make some of the gifts this year like I used to many years ago. I still have a large stash of fabrics. Maybe that will keep some of those creative juices flowing.

Wishes for renewed health, energy and motivation much appreciated!

November 15, 2008 in Being an Artist, Home by Marja-Leena