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Hand with Root


Hand with Root
archival inkjet print
45.5 x 38.5 cm (18" x 15.25")

Previously shown here

Marja-Leena | 06/03/2013 | 11 comments
themes: Hands, Printworks


What a very interesting root...

It's interesting that you are holding this fascinating looking root rather than what one might describe as half bracketing it like the other objects. Is this a deliberate start to a new series?

Absolutely gorgeous, Marja-Leena. I do hope you'll be able to show a group of these, in large prints; they have an enigmatic and powerful quality that I think would be even more so in person.

I love that you see the beauty in everyday natural objects...

Lucy, indeed, which is why I saved it along with many other earthy finds!

Olga, I'm glad you noticed. No, not a start to a new series but more a matter of choice in which scanned image turned out the best. This root is quite thick so it was hard to hold the hand as flat as with some of the other objects. I also liked the difference in case it was becoming a bit boring.

Beth, thanks so much! Yes, that is the plan and hope to show them all together. I still have the first six on the wall of the print studio, as shown here. I've been receiving very positive feedback on them. This one is the ninth in the series, with one more to go! They aren't terribly large but still far bigger than life size.

Julie, thanks. Some may think this root is not beautiful at first sight but in presenting it in this way with the hand I hope to make is as special for viewers as it is for me.

It is interesting that you were forced into more of a caress because this one is suggestive and sensual.

Marly, hmmm, yes, that did occur to me after I printed this...

It does make for a fascinating image but I'm quite curious as to what plant it is a root of. The rootlets are quite a lively bunch.

Susan, I think it's s tree root because of the woody 'branches' going out leftwards and topwards. All was buried underground and dug up from somewhere in our garden, I don't remember where.

what I see first and foremost is how beautiful & delicate & elegant your hand is. Then, I look at the interesting root so gently craddled.

Brigitte, thank you for the kind words and for visiting! Do you still have a website? I seem to have lost it.