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Another early harbinger of spring here in Vancouver....

Later, at 1:00 pm - did I say spring? Big fat snowflakes are falling fast, as has the temperature, and we have a snowfall warning! Last weekend all over again, sigh.

Marja-Leena | 15/03/2009 | 9 comments
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Well, I used "Wow!" for yesterday's photo ... so Wowww! The hellebore is spectacular in a subdued way.

Whoa. Wow. That's a heck of thing to pop up on my screen. Killer image. I've heard that in some circles that black is the standard background for flowers, and I've seen some of that work (on-line), but I've not been really been convinced -- until this small image.

I hope you're going that this was really difficult and that you haven't just tossed it of. It seems to have to much heft for that to be true. I guess it's all your accumulated technique and experience at work.

There is something classic about that photo. Like chiaroscuro.

Thanks for the 'wows', Rouschswalwe and Bill.

Bill, I had to scan this one several times to get the heart of the open flower to be at least reasonably in focus. I had to flatten it quite a bit. The scanner's depth of field wasn't really designed for 3D of much depth (see comment in previous post). Otherwise, it really is not hard with a good scanner.

Hattie, yes, the black background reminds me of old Dutch still life paintings, and the flower has a china-like look.

Serendipity, I placed a harbinger into my collage yesterday, only to find it here today.

Voi mitkä värit! Täyteläiset ja syvät, kerrassaan upea kuva! Onko kyseessä kukka, jota sanotaan täällä jouluruusuksi, pieni kaunis vuokon näköinen kukka? En ymmärtänyt tuosta tekstistä kukan lajia..

Lilalia, that kind of serendipity I like!

Iines, kiitos. Niin, se on Helleborus niger lajeista joko jouluruusu tai laskiaisruusu. Kooltaan avonainen kukka on noin 8 cm. poikittain jotta ei se hyvin pieni ole.

Finnish is so fascinating. I can say two words: Miki Kiri. Did I spell that right? It is a language incomprehensible to outsiders! I love the sound of it without being able to pick out a single word! It's interesting, the difference between a language belonging to a people and an international language like English.

Hattie, heh, what a funny word to remember a language by! Mikki Hiiri is Mickey Mouse. Googling MikiHiiri, I found it is something Estonian, though I don't think it's Mickey, even though the Estonian language is a close cousin. The language only seems incomprehensible because it's a minority language, as you say, but it's not any harder to learn from what I've read. Oh, and Miki Kiri is Japanese, so I'm not sure now which you meant.