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a break in the unspring-like monsoon-like Novemberish rain
an opportunity to take some macro photos of the hellebore
still not bright enough to capture sharper images
so this 2009 scan remains my favourite
which shall make a birthday card for a dear flower-loving friend in Denmark?

Marja-Leena | 10/03/2012 | 10 comments
themes: Nature, Photoworks


The parts of the flower are absolutely extraordinary to see in such high resolution and very beautiful. I'm very happy, though, that I clicked on the link to the 2009 scan because it turned out to be one of the prettiest I've seen in a long time. You mentioned that it looked china-like, as indeed it does.

Happy Birthday to your friend.

The hellebores are beautiful, and like you I love their appearance at this time of year. We have many in our garden. I have often considered placing mirrors under them - but never have as yet. I love these photos of yours: they capture the spirit of their beauty.

What a tribute to an extraordinary flower. In gardens as in the wild, hellebores are worth doting on. The macro shots bring out their delicacy.

So intimate.

They're all so lovely, I couldn't say...

Susan, I'm so pleased you like these and especially the scan. I'm still not sure which I will print for the birthday card...

Olga, a mirror really is what one needs to see under these nodding flowers! Your garden sounds wonderful with so many of them. I received this one as a gift from a friend, kept it in its pot by the front door for a couple of years, then planted it in the garden. It would get flattened by our heavy rains and develop black spots so last year I divided it into two clumps and planted them in pots again. They are doing much better under the shelter of the eaves. This one we brought up on our deck next to the glass sliding doors so we enjoy it from indoors.

Joe, I've never seen these in the wild. Do you have them in your area?

zhoen, a perfect word, thank you!

Lucy, you are not helping me :-)

I like these rather blurred images that match the soft colors.

Hattie, I'm glad, thanks.

So sensual. Here again for visual relief from the everyday of bad news. Thanks.

Naomi, thanks for the visit, I'm glad it gives you pleasure. Times are indeed full of bad news.