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Montréal: feasts

Montréal was a feast for the eyes, the soul and the stomach! We enjoyed a variety of ethnic meals in a variety of cafés and restaurants: African, Bretagne, Lebanese, Chinese, and of course French from casual to haute cuisine. A highlight for us was the day Beth and Jonathan took us to a cheese shop with a huge variety of Quebec cheeses, many that we've never seen, then to an amazing, colourful and huge farmer's market with abundant local produce, herbs, colourful flowers, and plants for the garden. The fine bakery next door offered fabulous breads and we paused in our shopping for some coffee and cheesecake with strawberries with enough leftover for the next day! All this was followed later by a wonderful home cooked dinner at Beth and J's home with local wild asparagus, new potatoes and fresh strawberries bought at that market!







(photos by my husband, except the group one, which was taken by a passerby)

P.S. Please read Visits of the Heart, Beth's most lovely post about our time together.

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lovely images! great colours. now this is food!

mmmmmm...I'm drooling! Hope you'll post some more pics of you and Fred and Beth & J.

Yum! What fun that must have been. Glad to see the photos of you and friends.

Taina, thank you and yes, it was all real food!

Natalie, glad you enjoyed this. Fred took most of the photos so when we were with B and J, he's not in any... oh, I think I did find one of him that I took - let's see if I can use it in my next post... and maybe another of B & J...

Lilalia, indeed, I did not want the time to end. And you must have enjoyed seeing your family and friends too!

Montreal and Quebec are our most European cities--in the best sense.

Black Pete, yes, I agree! Quebec City, I think, is even older than Montréal and I hope to visit it as well someday. You've been to both?

My little Nokia couldn't handle the Montreal posts! Finally I am able to savour the photos on a monitor. Marja-Leena, the bushel baskets of potatoes make my mouth water. Do you by chance have any photos of the cheese shop? (Greedy me ... I want more!) Montréal looks like my kind of place. There's really no excuse for my not going since it isn't that far away.

Lovely to see your wonderful face, and your husband looks like such a nice man.
I'll be comparing markets as I go down to the Hilo Market to get my tomatoes and other vegetables.
Didn't that asparagus look strange!

R, sorry, too many photos in one post I suppose! No, we didn't remember to take cheese photos, darn. Yes, you should go visit Montreal and then post all about it!

Hattie, thanks! I don't know if these were local greenhouse grown tomatoes, I should have asked, for as you know, it's too early in Canada for field ones. I'd never seen wild asparagus before either!

These are wonderful photographs. I love the fruit and veggie ones (with prices for comparison with ours) but I especially like the pictures of the four of you. I used to live on Blvd. St. Laurent close to some of the best bakeries and markets anywhere.

Susan, you've lived in so many places that I just had to go and reread some of your stories of those places on your other blog, Adventures, Ink - what a delight! I wonder how much Montreal has changed since you were there.