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another purple surprise, this time a variety of a popular culinary delicacy, sometimes called stinking rose, occasionally combined with this purple or white vegetable

Marja-Leena | 14/11/2010 | 5 comments
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Can you believe that we have to get our potatoes and garlic imported?? They do not grow well here. We do have purple taro, which is used to make poi, and we have purple sweet potatoes.
Purple and blue are the colors of hydrangeas that I associate with the Pacific Northwest and especially Vancouver.

I love your purple photos! What a shade for a winter day!

They do make a nice picture but I've never grown completely comfortable cooking with them. I'm sure that has a lot to do with my traditional British upbringing. Potatoes of any colour I do understand.

Hattie, that surprises me. I suppose it's too warm? I get upset when we can only get garlic from China at certain supermarkets while there's lots here!

Taina, thanks, colour sure does brighten these gray November days.

Susan, I know what you speak of. My husband and I grew up with north European cooking that did not include garlic until much later under the multicultural influences in North America. I use it quite a bit now.

I think the bugs get the garlic, and the potatoes come out small and muddy tasting. We get a lot of garlic imported from California. I do think the Chinese garlic is superior, but it's more expensive.
The best garlic I ever had was in Spain and the best potatoes in Switzerland.