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After hours and days of working at the computer and a bit in my home studio, today I just had to take a break and enjoy the sunshine outdoors. My garden has been much neglected since the fall and my green thumb was itching to clean up the dead vegetation and see what was growing beneath. Sure enough, lots of green tips popping up, including many nearly buried snowdrops struggling for light. Three hours flew by with hard but pleasurable work (I'm a little sore now). Lots and lots more to do over the coming weeks but it felt wonderful to make a start. Soon, I must start some seeds....

I forgot to take the camera outdoors today but here's a photo taken a few days ago indoors.

Update Feb.10th: you may remember the macro shots of last year's amaryllis, possibly the same bulb

Marja-Leena | 09/02/2011 | 7 comments
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Ah yes. It's starting to Spring over there. I remember how the cherry trees started to blossom at the end of February. I had not even seen cherry trees before. That Spring was like a dream, I remember it.

Meanwhile, here is -15C, fresh white snow everywhere and sun shining. I'm going to take a walk and feel the light. It's been sometime quite cloudy. And as you know, the sun is quite low yet.

You have Amaryllis in bloom? At home I have my Fatewine starting to bloom. I'm right now in Tampere, but soon going back to home after a literature lecture and discussion day.

Oh, oh. Photo makes me squirm with pleasure.

I must go and look for green shoots in the park. It's been warmer lately, so I expect there'll be some.

Ripsa, yes, signs of spring are here indeed, even in spite of night frosts. I assume you are thinking of your time in Oregon near the coast where the climate would be similar to ours in Vancouver. Many areas of Canada are still cold like Finland.

This is the only one of several of my amaryllis bulbs that has bloomed for me this year. Is your Fatewine the hibiscus (kiinan ruusu) you've sometimes shown on your blog? Mine is in the unheated solarium, not too happy at the moment, but should revive this summer.

Jean, I thought of you when I posted this photo as you show so many lovely photos of reflections.

The flame colored amaryllis and the greens reflecting and shadowing themselves make a wonderful image.

Right now I'd have to dig under several inches of snow in one of the local parks to find any hint of Spring. I think I'll just have to wait.

Susan, glad you like this image. I was quite captivated seeing it and had to rush for the camera to capture it before the sun went away. So you finally have winter, hope it's short and spring will soon arrive.

The shadows too are very compelling

Joe, yes, I like the play of light, shadows and reflections and I'm glad you do too.