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The Couple I


Veils Suite: The Couple I
monotype (oil-based inks) and watercolour pencil drawing
57 x 76 cm.

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Marja-Leena | 27/03/2006 | 8 comments
themes: Printworks, Veils Suite


I find this image most intriguing.

Thanks Olga! It's another of the many quick ones that I made so long ago and I find so intresting to look at again.

Yes I agree, this is a very nice work.

Thanks, Mark! I appreciate your dropping by with such a positive note.

I like how loose it is, I wish I could make myself loosen up like that. It has a lot of energy. When I first saw it, before I read the title my first though was cyclones or tornados. I also love that you draw on the top of them!

Thanks Elise! Yeah, most of these monotypes in this group are quite loose and very active, with the circular motion of the lines. I seem to have that way of delineating volume and movement. As I mentioned earlier, the etching process sometimes feels too slow and controlled, so doing this series of monotypes was very liberating.

Great tones, I'm squinting like mad!

Oh Anna, you are following Mazigi's suggestion! Does it help? Do I pass the test? I guess it would be easier if I posted larger images on these pages, eh?