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The Couple V


Veils Suite: The Couple V
monotype (oil-based inks) and watercolour pencil drawing
57 x 76 cm.

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Marja-Leena | 17/04/2006 | 7 comments
themes: Printworks, Veils Suite


So many novels in this one image!

Is this series going to be on display somewhere? I especially love how the pencil moves outside the official borders of the piece!

Omega, it is interesting to look at this and imagine the stories!

Elise, I wish! Some of these monoprints were exhibited long ago (they were done in 1989). I would love to have a retrospective! With this blog I've been going backwards, putting up older works little by little. It's really exciting for me to review my past works and the changes and developments over the years.

I love this one, Marja-Leena - the colors, the forms, teh negative space -- actually I didn't "see" the couple at first, it was just abstract roundnesses for me. Beautiful!

Thanks, Beth - glad you like it!

You know, I wish I could do that with my old prints. They all got lost; my dad forgot to pick them up from baggage claim!

Anyway, it's interesting how these were done so long ago and yet they are still so relevant.
Thanks for sharing!

Oh, what a terrible way to lose your work, Elise! This is why we're supposed to take slides of all our work, ins't it? I didn't do it regularly with my very early work, and some pieces have gone elsewhere. With editioned prints, I usually still have the artist's proof, but monoprints are one of a kind. Some are gone and undocumented though they are similar within the series.

And thanks for seeing their relevance!