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The Couple VI


Veils Suite: The Couple VI
monotype (oil-based inks) and watercolour pencil drawing
76 x 57 cm.

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Marja-Leena | 24/04/2006 | 4 comments
themes: Printworks, Veils Suite


Dear namesake,

i was just looking for my name and i found one.
i am feeling happy and blissful after seeing the work of art you have posted. It is calming, soothing and relaxing. Alas, i could own one. i am a self employed person who cannot afford an art work. i will try to creat one now. many thanks for inspiration. No i will have an orginal idea in my head.

thanks and regards

leena zaveri from India

Thank you and I'm happy to meet you, Leena! Is it a common name in India?

I have been thinking about heads and head shapes a lot in the past few days particularly. I am so enjoying this series of yours, and those buzzing lines: so much movement, so many meanings.

Thanks again, Omega. I've been thinking about using the human figure in my work again, and revisiting this old series of mine is stirring the idea some more. Your current post about the exhibition you visited, particularly about William Turnbull's attitude to the subject of the head is most intriguing and inspiring. I'm going to copy the Turnbull quote for my readers and for me, here:

"Almost anything could be a head - and a head almost anything - given the slightest code to the docoding... The sort of thing that interested me was - how little will suggest a head, how much load will the shape take and still read head, head as a colony, head as a landscape, head as mask, head as ideogram, head as sign ...."