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So many blog posts waiting to be written. I keep getting ideas and inspiration from various sources that I want to write about and share, but due to lack of time, energy or sometimes just downright laziness, many never do get written. In the meantime the bookmarks keep growing or becoming outdated.

Here's one I really must tell you about, late as I am. Some readers may remember last year I wrote that a couple of my photos of Hornby Island petroglyphs were included in a book called In Search of Ancient British Columbia.

A while back, in one of those wonderful connections that blogging rewards us with, I received an email by one of the authors of that book, Heidi Henderson. We had an interesting conversation and I learned that she lives right here in Vancouver and also has a blog Archea, Musings in Natural History. Over a period of several days, I read through it all, finding it quite fascinating and making me recall a visit to the Royal Tyrrell Museum in Alberta where I was more excited by the beauty of the fossil collection than by the dinosaur specimens. The image above is one of many I took at that museum.

And Heidi herself sounds fascinating, being a passionate time traveller, amateur paleontologist and head of the Vancouver Paleontological Society and The British Columbia Paleontological Alliance. Her articles are well researched with cited sources; the stories about the group's fossil hunting trips around BC and Washington made for enjoyable reading and almost tempt me to join some of their outings!

I wish we could see more and larger photos of these fabulous finds on the blog. The ever-changing slide shows near the bottom of the main page are an interesting supplement and another journey.

Marja-Leena | 06/05/2008 | 5 comments
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What a gorgeous fossil and photograph. I am crazy about fossils, always have been, and fish more than anything else! Thanks for this one, and your post about Heidi and her books...

Heidi is amazing! Thanks for the introduction
I, too, love and adore fossils, my best ever Mother's Day present is the adorable ammonite curled up in a shiny black stone that sits on my bookcase. One day I hope to find a triceratops, may need a bigger bookcase though!

Beth and Mouse, glad you enjoyed this and thanks for letting me know about your interest in fossils.

Wonderful photo. Thank you for sharing all this, Marja-Leena.

MB, thanks, glad you liked this!