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More eye-catching finds in a parking lot
Did you see the the first ones?

Marja-Leena | 04/12/2012 | 8 comments
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Are these the views from the battlements overlooking your neighbour's new house?

The colours are beautiful yet subtle.

Wow! Those colours! Just stunning. I don't know how you manage to always find such things - a special kind of radar.

Susan, hah! thankfully not. These are concrete dividers in a parking lot, the same one I took those earlier photos in. Yes, I liked the colours too as well as the textures and the curious holes.

Natalie, I actually first saw something odd nearby that turned out to be a lost glove, then noticed these. Special radar? Yep, that's me :-)

I really like those textures! The middle looks like a chalk drawing.

I find the 'distressed' elements fascinating. Somehow one would not think that a block of concrete with a facilitating hole for lifting would be so vulnerable to such cosmetic damage. I do like those crumblings, and all the other marks. It gives them a kind of stoic character somehow.

Julia, glad you like them, and yes I agree about the middle one.

Olga, I think it's when you get closeup that you see the distressed elements, the crumbling, the lichen and so forth.

The power of weather, of nature and time, is really quite amazing. This is now reminding me of one of the underlying themes in my Meta-morphosis series of prints.

those big holes would be gun holding holes, if we were in Finland and near a border or for instance in Suomenlinna, a bastion outside of Helsinki.

We also have shrapnel breaks in a long bridge, which unite the center to the working class areas. Memories from the civil war.

But these days a missing old building is not there because we have torn them down ourselves. Russians didn't need to bomb them at all. We have the Independence Day today.

Ripsa, yes, thoughts of castles and battlements and guns. Thankfully these have a very mundane purpose. Wars must be on our minds. I was just working on my post on Finland's Independence Day when your comment came in. Happy Independence Day!