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Allow me a little self-congratulatory pat on the back - qarrtsiluni has my photo Wings up! And I'm told that this is my tenth publication in it, and that you can see all of them here.

qarrtsiluni's current theme Journaling the Apocalypse is a fascinating one with a rich and thoughtful variety of writings, video, music and photos. If you don't already know this online literary and artistic journal, please do have a visit, it's worth it! Guest editors and themes change bi-monthly. This time founding and managing editors Beth Adams and Dave Bonta have been doing the honours. Great job and thanks for including me!

The above photo, by the way, is not the one shown in qarrtsiluni but is another one from the same series of images I took of a found object a few months ago.

Added November 23rd, 2008:
Thanks to a lovely comment from Maria below, I thought I should mention there are a couple of other photos in this series that can be seen in a post about poetry postcards and a collaboration with Tom Montag at Postal Poetry called Blue. Enjoy!

Marja-Leena | 21/11/2008 | 14 comments
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Thanks for the plug! I'm grateful for your continued support - you were one of the contributors to our very first issue, over three years ago.

I think we're going to be more of a quarterly than a bimonthly from now on, though retaining the option to run shorter issues if we don't get as much material. Journaling the Apocalypse certainly has enough to run through December. The next theme, which we'll announce on Dec. 1, may prove a bit more challenging - we'll see.

Hey Dave, the pleasure has been mine. And I mean it when I say q is a great e-zine! I can't believe it's already over three years old. It was fun to go back and see my older publications.



I thought 'Journalling the Apocalypse' was quite a challenging one, but evidently got plenty of submissions. I think the number of contributors must have increased a lot since the beginning...

Julia, thanks!

Lucy, thanks, I agree that the theme was challenging. I finally thought of this image quite late and I'm happy it suited. You have a fantastic image on the same page too, isn't it great to be there together? If the next issue is even more challenging as Dave says....

Yes, bravo! And that is one spooky object!

Bravo to you, Marja-Leena, and thanks for sending us such "Wings." Dave and I really appreciate the kind words too. It's been really fun to be in the editing seat again. (Yes, Lucy, the submissions have increased a lot since the earlier days of qarrtsiluni. Thanks for your support too!)

Thanks, Leslee! Interesting how disturbing people find this. Must be the theme.

Beth, It's been fun to join in your adventure in my own small way, thanks!

Congratulations -- and what a wonderful series it must be if these photos are a part of it!

Thanks, Maria. I've added a little more info in this post, thanks to your comment.

Congratulations. It has an elemental feel to it.

Anil, thanks, and nice to see you here!

I just looked at all your Qarrtsiluni contributions together, Marja-Leena. What a feast. Such a range of work, but all recogniseably showing your characteristic uses of line, tone and light.

Jean, thanks so much for your keen observations and kind words, they make me very happy!