a wedding


A trip and a wedding took us away this past weekend, in more ways than one. The beauty of the drive over mountains and valleys to a lovely lakeside town made us grateful, once again, that we live in such a magestic part of this country. We were very excited to attend the wedding of my handsome young nephew, my brother’s second son, to a lovely young girl, both still college students.

What is that saying about weddings and funerals and seeing some family only at times like this, at the ritual markers in the passage of time from birth to death? It was exciting to see so many extended family members after too many years, noting how many of us have become the elders and how many of the young ones are now in early adulthood. The joy of reconnecting with family left a glow that still persists and is kept warm as we sort over the hundreds of photos, share stories and decide which to email to those loved ones who could not be there. Tired from the trip still, I continue to linger over these newly created memories and send silent wishes for a happy life to the newlyweds.

June 26, 2007 in Canada and BC, Culture by Marja-Leena