(detail from ARKEO #1, with actual prints of my hands)

I am a Finnish-Canadian visual artist living and working in the Vancouver area of British Columbia. My first and longest love in my art practice is printmaking, with photography a growing passion. This site is where I display much of my work and reflect on various obsessions, interests and happenings which may affect or inspire me in my artmaking. My ‘Gallery’, still a work in progress, is where a large selection of my printworks can be seen together within their series.

To learn more about my art practice, you may enjoy The Art of Seeing, an interview of me published in the summer 2013 issue of New World Finn magazine.** (see update below)

For more information about my art education and exhibition history, please view my curriculum vitae. If you would like to know more about any of my work, I would be most happy to hear from you via the Contact form. Comments at blog posts are always welcome and answered, but note that older posts have comments turned off to reduce spam. Please refer to the title and date of the post when making enquiries, thank you.

**UPDATE March 26th, 2015: Sadly the long-time Finnish-American magazine, New World Finn, published its final print issue in January 2015. I thought the online versions would remain on the net but those too seem to have since been taken down. Fortunately I still have my own PDF copy of this issue with the interview of me. Please check out the cover page, and pages three and four here: 2013_3c_NWF.

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