Hand with Rose


inspired by the birthday roses
an addition to my photo series of hands with objects
some others may be viewed here


July’s long heatwave (often up to 35c with the humidity) has made me lazy
watering the garden mornings and evenings
much reading of books, from very good to some disappointing
a cooler weekend with a bit of rain restored some energy
and an urge to play a little more with a favourite image


here are a couple of variations on the black and white hand with magnolia leaf


now it’s back to hot weather and laziness and more books
sorry for being so quiet here – I’m on vacation time
hope you are all having a great summer!

hand with driftwood


on the windowsill in the solarium
a row of odd shaped driftwood pieces
this embedded with tiny stones in mini-caves
and memories of a favourite seaside retreat

hand with oddity


Last week our 13 year old granddaughter was visiting. She was showing an interest in my hand-with-object scanning work and I invited her to “model” for me. We chose an odd object made of glazed clay, probably a little pottery studio glaze test piece of her mother’s. Like some of my stones, it has long been in residence on my windowsill beside this desk, inside a flowerpot.

I have been revisiting my past posts of ‘horizontal hands’ to refresh my memory on what I have previously done. I am still toying with the idea of making more related prints but smaller than the Hands series which I completed almost a year ago. Curiously, my friend Olga was just asking about the horizontals in my previous post, so I promised to post links to them here:

hand with tissue
hand with Easter eggs
hand with twine (third image)
hand studies

Below are other scans of our granddaughters’ hands:

hand studies (3) with then 12 year old granddaughter’s hands
hand studies (2) with then seven year old granddaughter’s hands

hand with tile


another find on a beach somewhere
a broken tile worn smooth by sand and sea

hand with flat stone


Another unpublished image found in the ‘hand with object’ folder
This unique diamond shaped flat stone with the stripe is a favourite
Found on a seashore, possibly right here in Vancouver
Its current home is on the windowsill next to this desk
And now its image also resides on this blog

hand with round stone


As I was going through some image folders, I was delighted to find another “hand with object” yet unpublished, so here it is, joining others like it in the archives under Photoworks: Human. Compare it to hand with stones.

As you may know, some of my favourites became part of a print series called Hands.

hand with tissue


One idea leads to another as I play with the scanner. I find myself returning to the idea of a series of smaller prints of images of hands with objects, like these ones. When and if I have enough of a collection, I may print these with my home printer.

As many readers know, I have done numerous ‘hand’ images on this blog. Some became a series of large prints in the HANDS series which I finished last year. These may be most quickly seen all together in the gallery if you have not already seen them.



I know I’ve been quiet here lately. We’ve had a full and wonderful week, first with friends visiting from Alberta whom we had not seen in something like a decade. Then yesterday friends from Victoria came for lunch. The weather was glorious all week as was the garden, most impressive for the Albertans! We are back to rain today.

Tomorrow we will attend the memorial and potluck for my late and dear aunt (as mentioned here), so I’ve been busy printing a card, gathering old photos of her to scan and print, and writing a few little ‘memories’ to share and reminisce over with her daughter, grandsons and several cousins.

I thought this image captures some of those deep heartwarming feelings of this week. I’ve actually used it before in another variation here. (However it is not part of the HANDS series of prints.)

Life should be back to normal next week when I’ll catch up with visits and comments at your blogs, dear friends!

Easter eggs


My hand goes out to you, gentle readers, with wishes for a sunny, warm and happy Easter long weekend. Hauskaa Pääsiäistä, Joyeuses Pâques, Frohes Ostern, Happy Easter… if that is a tradition for you.

I like to think of it as a celebration of spring with daffodils and pussywillows and tender new green leaf buds. And of course, Easter eggs! Most of our treasured Easter egg collection has been made over the years by our daughters, especially the youngest. More photos of those Easter eggs: Easter 2006, Easter 2008

I am looking forward to seeing our granddaughters’ plant-dyed eggs, works in progress…