exhibiting in Hungary


Many printmakers around the world have developed a strong sense of community that is enhanced in part by their participation in some of the many international juried print biennials and triennials.

One of the best and largest is the Krakow Print Triennial held in Poland. They do a tremendous amount of work, from selecting by jury from hundreds of art works submitted by artists from around the world, and organizing the many exhibitions in numerous venues, including travel to other cities and countries. A very good catalogue is published and given to each participating artist.

The photo is showing my two prints Nexus IX and Nexus X as printed in the 2003 Triennial catalogue. Canada did very well with 19 artists taking part and especially with the Grand Prix being awarded to Canadian Davida Kidd.

As I mentioned a year ago, the main triennial show which included my work travelled to Oldenburg, Germany. Recently I learned that this exhibition continued on to Gyor, Hungary for November-December 2004. Now it is in Budapest in several venues. I think my prints have been seeing more of the world than I have!

Unfortunately the Krakow Print Triennial’s website has been undergoing a total reconstruction and most of my previous links in the older posts are now broken, and I will have to go back for some repair work when they have finished. I do hope they will bring back much of the excellent material they had about the past triennials.

Krakow Triennial winners

Speaking of award-winning printmakers, here are some more that I’d like to tell you about.

As I have written before, the Krakow Print Triennial in Poland is one of the world’s largest and most prestigious international print competitions. They publish a wonderful big catalogue which is distributed to all participants, after all the traveling exhibitions are over and the works are returned.

So, I was thrilled to get one earlier, from a family member who went to see the show in Oldenburg, not far from her home. Though I knew who won the Grand Prix, (a friend who lives here in Greater Vancouver, Canada), I had not seen the prize-winning work until I saw it in this catalogue: Davida Kidd’s digital print called Navigator. Then I found it on the Triennial’s excellent and extensive website, along with the many other fine award winners’ works, so that you can have a look too. (Click on the images to see larger.) Davida received a free trip to Krakow for the award and will have a solo exhibition at the next Triennial in 2006, as is customary. She has won many awards for her work but this is perhaps the best – congratulations!

UPDATE March 21.05: Krakow Print Triennial’s website has been undergoing renovations and these pages are no longer available. I’ve updated their link above. They now have a new site Icondata where some of Davida’s works may be viewed under World Prints – Canada.

Krakow Triennial exhibition in Oldenburg, Germany

I have just received word from Krakow, Poland that some of my prints* will be in an exhibition at the Horst Janssen Museum in Oldenburg, Germany, opening March 14, 2004 until June 13, 2004.

Apart from its main programme, the Cracow 2003 Print Triennial, the organizers arrange plenty of exhibitions in Poland and abroad for the triennial’s participating artists.

Addendum April 5/04: * Some family members went to see this exhibition and were very impressed. My works selected for this show are Nexus IX and Nexus X. More about the exhibition at Oldenburg.

International print competitions

The wonderful thing about prints on paper is how easy it is to roll them up into a mailing tube and send them off to various international print competitions around the world.

The Krakow Print Triennial is an excellent one, with major international participation and numerous exhibitions associated with it. There is a very thought-provoking discussion/forum about printmaking today on their website.

One that is coming up this year is the Tallinn Print Triennial in Estonia. Requested are works of visual art that were produced using mechanical or digital reproduction or printing technologies, produced in 2001-2004 on the topic of “inExile”.