on Pilot Bay





Too too busy** to write more about Gabriola Island’s petroglyphs but I will as soon as able. Instead, here are a few of my favourite photos taken on the beach of Pilot Bay on Gabriola. I do love these amazing rocks!

** Family arrived safely from the UK yesterday, and tomorrow more family coming from the interior of BC…

Gabriola’s petroglyphs 2





Learning of our interest in petroglyphs, our excellent B&B host on Gabriola Island told us of one accessible trail to one collection of them. We were warned that many are so worn that it is hard to spot them so were pleased to find several though not all photographed well. The best photo of the lot was featured in the previous post. Here are a few that I was able to digitally but gently enhance in order to see the carved images. The last photo is of a glade that we came upon on that trail. We could just imagine a group of long ago First Nations doing a spirit ceremony here, in the quiet stillness in the middle of the forest.

More information to come on Gabriola’s petroglyphs soon…

Gabriola’s petroglyphs

a Gabriola Island petroglyph

I have more photos plus notes to share on the petroglyphs we saw on Gabriola Island, along with many more rock photos…. when I have some time.

I’ve been quiet on this blog for we have good friends visiting this week, former Vancouverites who will soon be moving back here after over two decades living in other Canadian cities. We are very pleased since many other friends have moved away over the years. Then next week our middle daughter and her two daughters will arrive from the UK for a two month visit. Busy but happy times….

Malaspina Galleries 4





Still more rocks by the Malaspina Galleries on Gabriola Island, these adorned by the many colours of lichen.

Malaspina Galleries 3





Some exciting-to-me details of the rocks near the Malaspina Galleries on Gabriola. Did I mention that I shot hundreds of photos on this island, mostly of rocks? Such a rich abundance of Nature’s amazing creations….

Malaspina Galleries 2





As we move further out to the point away from the most striking ‘wave’ rocks of the Malaspina Galleries on Gabriola Island, we continue to see and admire amazing formations and textures and colours. Nature’s art work worthy of belonging in a gallery….

Gabriola’s Malaspina Galleries



(photo by FVR)

(photo by FVR)

(photo by FVR)

As mentioned in my last post, we recently visited Gabriola Island and its noteworthy limestone formations called the Malaspina Galleries. We were told that they have eroded a great deal, to the point that they are very dangerous to stand under. The ledge under ‘the wave’ is very narrow with a dangerous drop to the sea. With my fear of such, I’m glad my braver husband went closer for some nice shots with the SLR camera.

Our photos cannot compare to some incredible ones of them that I’ve seen here and there (search if you like) by more professional photographers who have taken the time to wait for the best light and tidal conditions. Also, somehow I’d expected them to be much larger. We continued to enjoy a wander out to the point and the other side, capturing many more fascinating images of unusually weathered rocks, so watch for more photos to come.

rocks, again



As most regular readers here know, unusually patterned and weathered rocks are something of an obsession for me. Here are two from a new series of photos that I am working on and very excited about. Details and more photos to come soon….

rocks and water





With thanks for all the delightful and creative responses to my previous post, here are more images to inspire thoughts of tiny fairies hiding amongst rocks and splashing in little waterfalls and pools. I loved doing that when I was a child, which may be one of the reasons why I still love rocks. How about you?

round and white




another stone from the windowsill
smooth, cool and mysterious
transformed in this scan to something
egg-like, translucent, almost alive