London: details #3




Continuing my photo series of details that caught my eye in London…

The earlier ones are here and here. More still to come.
UPDATE: details #4

London: details #2




When I did take photographs, it seemed to be mostly when I was captivated by interesting or unusual details. In London’s Muswell Hill neighbourhood, I was amazed at the great variety of utility covers underfoot on the sidewalks and roads. Here are a few of my favourites, more to come!
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Paris: details


Throughout our trip to London, a few parts of England and now Paris, I’ve been constantly looking, seeing, feeling, soaking in everything and letting my husband do most of the photography. Now and then I feel the urge to capture some small details such as this, as if the big pictures are too overwhelming to process yet.

This time in Paris is a way of celebrating our 40th wedding anniversary and it’s been memorable indeed. Yesterday’s many hours in an art museum, then hours and hours of walking left me exhausted so this Tuesday morning I’m taking it easy while my keen cyclist husband has gone to try out Paris’ fantastic Velib bike rentals. A week here is not enough! We’ll be on our way home in a couple of days and then I hope to sort through numerous photos and scribbled notes and begin to share my thoughts and impressions.

London: details


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from the inside

looking out…




English Bay: reflections




Third of the English Bay series, this time of the mirror-like surface of the Second Beach Pool on the edge of the bay in Stanley Park.

A lovely aerial view of it may be seen here.

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English Bay: trees
English Bay: beach
English Bay: sky



more images taken at the old Britannia Shipyard in Steveston



Last Saturday we drove daughter Elisa, J, our granddaughters and piles of luggage to the airport. They are off to Europe to work and travel until Christmas. My, the house is quiet now with just the three of us!

As we often do when we drive somewhere farther, and it being a gorgeous day, and we were already in Richmond (where the airport is), we decided to have an outing. It had been many years since we had been to the fishing village of Steveston, on the southernmost edge of Richmond (a city south of Vancouver). We were surprised to find how much this has been developed, with the old Britannia Shipyard now a national historic site, and lovely walks on top of the dike leading to the lively Fisherman’s Wharf where we indulged in fresh seafood while sitting on a sunny patio watching crowds shopping for fish straight off the boats.

So, lots of photos to show you (starting with the locked doors) for I went camera happy over the interesting old shipyard and the fishing boats.


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locked doors
if walls could speak

locked doors



Yesterday at the old shipyards in Steveston, BC (more details to come later).

Sept 10th update: see next post.

Much later: more from the Old Britannia Shipyard here:
if walls could speak

more steps


Steps for big people.
Compare to the steps for little people.
Non-organic vs organic. Industry vs play.