on creativity

As mentioned in a couple of my recent posts, there has been a lot of discussion on why we make art, and this has led me to think more about creativity. Cassandra wrote a few days ago (scroll down to April 14th entry) about her thoughts on writing letters, books and blogs, and about creativity. I like these wise words:

“There’s also another side to how we view creativity, and the way we put certain types of achievement up on a pedestal. If we insist on seeing creative work as heading toward specific public goals, and Art as being defined by these big monolithic accomplishments – the book, symphony, masterpiece painting – we will not only set ourselves up to fall short, but we run the risk of being blind to the art that exists in everyday creation, in the thoughts and creative acts that arise when we lift our eyes from a book, or making a meal, or stop to hear a bird song. All those things need to go into our “big art”, if that’s where we’re headed, but they are also important ends in themselves, as blogging and letter-writing remind us. I think we need to remember that, not only to validate what we are doing but because so many people are also doing this process — of perceiving and thinking and expressing or remembering — everyday, without ever writing anything down. It’s important to remember that their thoughts and perceptions also layer throughout life to create masterpieces: wise, perceptive, interesting people, without whom the world would be so impoverished.”

April 16, 2004 in Being an Artist, Other artists by Marja-Leena