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Coincidences posted an interesting article about “Big Prints, the Art-Making Impulse, and Time-Motion Panoramas” that has prompted me to add some comments on his blog and here.

The extra large digitally printed photographs that we now see in galleries have become possible with the growth of very large, high quality archival inkjet printers at a more reasonable price (though still not cheap) compared to the original giclee printers of a few years ago. It has really opened up immense possibilities for artists as well as photographers.

As mostly a photo-based printmaker, I find I am more interested in the photographers that have a unique way of “making” their images, whether it’s with an unusual camera technique or with PhotoShop or something else. While I don’t question the artistic vision of many realistic photographers, my own personal aesthetic, perhaps now a little old-fashioned, is to see the hand of the artist at work in some way, using the camera as a tool amongst many others.

Hmm, this has led me back to some recent discussions about “true” vs. manipulated photography.

Thanks to Coincidences for mentioning my blog regarding conversations about the art-making impulse.

ADDENDUM April 25.04:
Talking about Big Prints, Caryn Coleman wrote a great commentary in The Art Weblog about whether big prints are better….recommended reading!

April 18, 2004 in Being an Artist, Digital printmaking, Photography, Tools and technology by Marja-Leena