Thoughts on PATHS

Notes from my sketchbook, January 27th, 2000:
— the places one walks, the surface under one’s feet
— the journeys one makes, physically and mentally and artistically
— the explorations into unknown territory… as in walking on new ground, new places…learning new ways of working ie. computer technology and how to apply it to the printmaking studio…new media …web art…
— where do these “paths” lead to?… “heaven”, some other “state”…..?
— connections to previous work, such as use of images of Hornby’s rocks also relate to “Paths” theme

The Paths series of prints (1998 – 2000) began with experiments in totally new techniques for me and the studio: digitizing images and using photopolymer emulsion*.

*Technical notes on photopolymer intaglio:
See Tools. Simply put, a photo sensitive polymer emulsion is applied to a metal plate (I usually use copper), the inkjet film positive is placed on top, and exposed to a very bright light. The first emulsion that I used was ImagOn, which is thick and takes on etching-like depressions on the film that hold the printing ink, so no etching is necessary. I prefer etching, so later started using a thinner emulsion Z-Acryl that allowed for this. Of course, the printing process then follows in creating an edition of prints.

Read more about printmaking at What is a print? and more on prints.

May 12, 2004 in Concepts, Digital printmaking, Paths, Printworks by Marja-Leena