Westcoast retreat


We returned refreshed and relaxed last night from a short holiday, a retreat to our favourite rustic little cabin on the edge of the Pacific Ocean, on Vancouver Island. We were lucky to enjoy the last lovely sunny days of a record-breaking sunny February. March roared in like a lion with some heavy rain on our last night and morning, but it was thrilling to see the wild waves crashing on rocks and sandy beaches. The winter storms actually attract many tourists to this area. The ferry trip across to Vancouver Island, and the drive from east coast to west is always very enjoyable too.

We first visited this part of the Pacific Rim coast in 1992, fell in love with it, and have gone back a few times over the years, last in May 2004 as a special anniversary celebration, and now for my husband’s new-decade birthday. As I wrote last year, this place is a treat and a retreat for us.

We did have a few thoughts of “what if?” regarding potential tsunamis, being at the edge of the wide open Pacific. And it was interesting and good for both of us to be without computers for several days. Many thanks to everyone who sent emails and wrote comments here – I will catch up in a day or so, as well as reading your blogs.

March 2, 2005 in Being an Artist, Canada and BC by Marja-Leena