What is a Print?

I have been searching online for some years for a good list of definitions of the many different types of printmaking, for the benefit of viewers unfamiliar with prints. None seem quite satisfactory, often covering older techniques and not the newer ones being used in the past decade. If anyone reading this can recommend one, please let me know. There is a good one in Finnish though, if you can read it, at Finnish Printmakers Association.

Browsing today at East London Printmakers, I found in the extensive links What is a Print?. This is a rather unique presentation done by MoMA, in the form of an interactive Flash animation showing the principles of woodcuts, etching and silkscreens. A glossary of terms covers other techniques.

Added: There’s a decent list at Pace Prints. Thanks, Jason.

March 22, 2004 in Printmaking, Tools and technology by Marja-Leena