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This particular phaleonopsis or moth orchid in my collection has been blooming for several months. Today two flowers fell off and I felt the urge to scan them. I love seeing closely the fine textures and patterns - imagine them larger on a full screen.

Compare this to some earlier scanned phals: papery and freshly fallen.

Marja-Leena | 07/11/2012 | 11 comments
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They really are very lovely. Do you grow a lot of orchids?

Susan, I have six plants right now, all gifts. They don't all bloom for me though so when one does, it's a visual treat.

Hi. This reminds me I have a lot of neglected orchids at home in Hawaii to attend to when I get home tomorrow!

Hattie, I know you have quite a collection of tropical orchids, much more exotic than these cool loving ones we get here. Hope yours are fine.

Six! That's just what I wanted to know.

Now I shall go look at the other links...

Marly, is that a lot? I've had more but lost two old ones this year. My husband likes giving me these on special occasions because the flowers last for months. A couple of friends have been generous too. Do you have any, Marly?

beautiful and there is something strangely moth-like about them

Hi Fire Bird! The right name then, for something that looks moth-like. There are numerous species in different colours and sizes that i just swoon when I see large displays of them.

Not a bit of it, though I have an early Christmas cactus in bloom at the moment... I do have a friend with lots--she has a gigantic window. Not sure a federal house is a good orchid house.

Yes, it's a lot compared to me. Not many compared to Nero Wolfe...

Loved the papery one--like exquisite crumpled silk tissue.

Great link that one, thanks, Marly!

I just remembered that I also have two big pots of the way larger cymbidium orchids, which started blooming early this fall. See photos here and here (the third photo down). They are too big for indoors but do very well in the solarium which is unheated and quite cool in the winter. They started as one, have been divided and need to be divided again - a tough job involving severe cutting of roots... so unlike the delicate phals. The big plus in their favour is their wonderful honey scent. Ach, I'm veering into garden blog territory!

Back again, Marly, after reading that link through as well as looking up Nero Wolfe who sounded vaguely familiar. I don't think I'd read any of the books but wow, the story of why Nero likes orchids is amazing. Imagine that kind of passion for growing orchids, with help, mind. More astounding is that this is all fiction! Rex Stout sounds extremely knowledgeable and he wrote a lot of books! You always teach me a lot, Marly.