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Remembering my mother this Mother's Day and Äitienpäivä, here in Canada and in Finland, US and a few other countries. I still miss her almost every day even after 20 years since her passing.

On this sunny afternoon, I'm eagerly looking forward to a salmon bbq and dessert with our three daughters, two little granddaughters and the men in our family. I am so lucky. We're also celebrating youngest daughter's birthday (actually tomorrow), a Mother's Day baby 23 years ago!

Wishing everyone a happy day, remembering your mother and/or a mother figure dear to you. If you are a mother, enjoy your family today.

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Marja-Leena | 11/05/2008 | 12 comments
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Happy Mother's Day!

I can see the family resemblance in your mom...

Happy Mother's Day, Marja-Leena. Sounds like it should be fun with your family. (I'm a bit late with these wishes, but it's three hours earlier out there, so still in play!)

WC, thanks so much, how nice to hear from you! Anita was here too, so the family was almost complete except for R.

Leslee, thanks. I'm late getting back here, after all the fun, and work too with this crowd. Just finished cleaning the kitchen and am now checking mail.

She is beautiful.

Hauska Aitienpaivaa, yourself, M-L--I'm a bit late, but here I am! We feted our resident mother, Joyce, yesterday, with three different flavours of cheesecake. A good time was had by all.

Thanks Rosie, and welcome! I think I've seen you at Lucy's? Thanks for dropping by.

Peter, thanks, glad you all had a great day too!

What a beautiful and happy-looking woman your mother was, Marja-Leena, and indeed, you ressemble her. My warmest wishes to you and apologies for the lateness.

Natalie, thank you and no apologies needed! As for resemblance, it's odd that all my life I've had people say I look like my father or like my mother, the bias often coming from which side of the family they were from! I think I've got both my parents' looks and temperaments. Did you ever see the photo of my father, and of me as a kid?

Belated Happy Mother's Day! I hope you had a wonderful day with your family.

MB, thank you I did. I hope you had a great day with yours too!

What a beautiful picture of your mum! I love her pendant she's wearing. Both your parents were lovely, I seem to remember from your dad's picture too.

Lucy, thanks! And I'm glad you noticed the pendant. There's a story there... My mother, when emigrating to Canada, had given it to one of her younger sisters. On our visit in 2000, my aunt gave it to me, as a memento of my mother. I never really remembered seeing this and was surprised to recognize it when I went through her old photo album. Somehow this necklace means even more to me now.