after Penn’s Guedras


Veils Suite: after Penn’s Guedras
etching & drypoint 60 x 44 cm

I was working on my Veils Suite series of prints about wrapped and veiled figures, when in some magazine now long forgotten, I came across Irving Penn’s photographs of the guedras of Morocco. They inspired several pieces; the first is this one – Veils Suite: after Penn’s Guedras. I will post some of the others over the next week or two.

I was recently reminded again of Irving Penn by Joerg at conscientous* who offers links to some bios and examples of Penn’s photographic works. My favourites are his African photographs and of course this one* that so inspired me. I also found this similar compelling and disturbing one of three rissani women which I don’t think I have seen before.

* expired links, removed

January 13, 2005 in Printworks, Veils Suite by Marja-Leena