another demolition


the house on our south side was demolished last week, not so long since the January 2012 demolition on our north side


it feels so disturbing, so sad to see this happening everywhere; this was a good home for one single family since the 1950’s


the yard had some lovely rhododendrons though overgrown with too many trees and invasive ivy, all now cut and ripped out


including two giant cedars, here with some interesting icicle like rips on the stumps


how many tree rings can you count on this twenty-six inch diameter stump?

our home feels a bit exposed but there is now so much light and views for us neighbours around the property

(all photos taken by my husband with his iPhone)

Added later: Oh, how could I forget: the noise and the pounding? As I sit at this computer in this room on the south side, right next to the ‘zone’, I suddenly notice all the art work on this wall has gone higgeldy-piggeldy. A mini-earthquake.

October 28, 2014 in Current Events, Environment, Home by Marja-Leena