autumnal reds



My current passion for the colour red in my latest printworks is also jumping out at me with its abundance amongst the fall colours of many trees around here right now, especially the maples.

Added November 13th… this quote struck me as deeply evocative and timely:

The Universe story is the quintessence of reality. We perceive the story. We put it in our language, the birds put it in theirs, and the trees put it in theirs. We can read the story of the Universe in the trees. Everything tells the story of the Universe. The winds tell the story, literally, not just imaginatively. The story has its imprint everywhere, and that is why it is so important to know the story. If you do not know the story, in a sense you do not know yourself; you do not know anything. – Thomas Berry

with thanks to Whiskey River

November 12, 2011 in Being an Artist, Canada and BC by Marja-Leena