avian excitement


photos by husband with the better camera and zoom lens

Yesterday’s exciting entertainment for the granddaughters was to observe an avian visitor enter our solarium through an open door. We ourselves were behind closed sliding doors watching the poor stressed little hummingbird repeatedly bat itself against roof glass and windows, trying desperately to find its way back out. Occasionally it rested on windowsills, on the candle on the chandelier and most often on the wire of the parrot mobile! How sorry we felt for the little beauty in its stress. Why could it not see its way out the open door? Eventually, by carefully opening the interior door a little, perhaps the resulting cross draft helped to send it on its way to freedom, thankfully.

We really must get that screen door for we’ve had several hummingbirds and even a squirrel come in over the years, and not all survived the stress.

June 5, 2011 in Neat stuff by Marja-Leena