Beaty Biodiversity Museum – 3





Moving along in the Beaty to look at the specimens in the glazed display cases, still in the Atrium and below the Blue Whale, I was immediately enthralled by the gorgeous skulls of many creatures. I’m sorry I don’t have the proper names for the specimens to give you here as I tended to be more attracted by their diversity and the beauty of their textures, shapes and colours in what I chose to photograph than to make this a scientific record. It was too time-consuming and complicated for me to make a textual record of every image.

In fact my husband said when he saw me eagerly pull out the camera again, “Now I’ll never get you out of here!” I think we were both reminded of our long ago visit to the Royal Tyrrell Museum in Alberta where I went so camera happy, especially over the fossils. That amazing place was the source of many photos (pre-digital), some of which ended up in my printworks.

Maybe some details from this Beaty experience will also become part of future work too while they sit in my image library waiting for that right moment of inspiration and connection. In the meantime, they have provided inspiration in continuing thoughts about biodiversity and loss, as well as great blogging material.

I might have taken far more images but was often frustrated by the challenges of too many reflections on the glass fronts or tops, especially in the areas away from the Atrium. However, in the top photo, I was intrigued by a happy reflection of the Blue Whale’s tail and the trees outside, so chose not to crop them out. More to come – are you getting bored yet?

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March 29, 2011 in Being an Artist, Canada and BC, Nature, Photoworks by Marja-Leena