We are having the dog days of summer here… at last, for those who like the heat, which I don’t, but just in time for our “English” daughter and granddaughters to get in some quality beach time. They will be returning to their home in the UK in a few days so we have been doing a little more than usual babysitting this week whenever mommy has last errands, appointments and visits with friends. Eldest daughter has also come down for a week so things are busy and lively around here with all our daughters and granddaughters here, only missing their partners.

I did catch a few moments in the sunny garden this afternoon to practice some macro photography. I know I really must use the tripod, sigh. Another trouble with shooting in macro is that it is like looking through a magnifying glass, and thus sometimes finding some unpleasant surprises. See those tiny black dots in my lovely purple clematis flowers? They are not part of the flower itself as I thought, they are oodles of busy bugs. Shudder, shutter!

August 5, 2011 in Home, Photography by Marja-Leena