catching up

This blog has taken a back seat for a few days while I’ve been enjoying a visit from our eldest daughter. She lives with her partner some five hours by car northeast of Vancouver in a tiny community, half an hour east of a small city. So, shopping in the big city is important for her. I’m not much of a shopper anymore but I did go with her to Ikea. She’s still in the home making and decorating stage of life, while we need very little. Still, I oohed and aahed over many lovely things with her.

I bought something we did need though – several large glass storage jars with those rubber seals on the lids. We had a major moth infestation in our grains containers last year that I wished to avoid a repeat of this summer. I’ve also been concerned about chemicals leaching out of our present storage containers, the tin canisters from the beginning of our married life plus various plastic ones. So these seem to be an excellent alternative.

Well, as soon as daughter left, a chain reaction began in the kitchen, as you may imagine. Because the jars were too tall for the drawer where the old containers had resided, rearranging became necessary. Wash the shelves and the new jars, let dry. Transfer the grains and sugar. Arrange the jars on the shelf. Store the bowls, sieves and other kitchen paraphernalia in the drawer. Wash the old containers and recycle. Clean the kitchen. Now I must bake something!

Oh, I know this is boring and has nothing to do with art, but some artists still have kitchens, hmm? And I did capture an image…


But wait, I must tell you about what’s on at qarrtsiluni, which always features wonderful writing by many master word crafters. Today’s entry Facing Impermanence by Rachel Barenblat is a must-read, truly beautiful and very moving. I’d read it before on her blog and am happy to reread it today. Rachel also wrote a wonderful post about qarrtsiluni’s current theme on her own blog, which saves me the trouble.

While I struggle with words, I love image making, so I’m very pleased that the editors chose to publish my old post, scanning.

June 11, 2007 in Being an Artist, Blogging, Home by Marja-Leena