deer, oh dear






Some of us were out this morning at violin lessons and running errands. During our last stop, a message came from home with an image of deer in our backyard!

At home, we heard about how they had come in the yard, sniffing around and feeding on berries. Younger granddaughter had been excited and gone outside the back door but they were not alarmed. The two deer rested and chewed cud on the grass most of the afternoon, keeping an eye on us quite calmly whenever we looked out or stepped out for photos. Eventually one of them finally got up to feed some more under the berry bushes. After a little affectionate snuffling and licking of each other they quietly walked into the bushes in the corner of our garden and off through the neighbourhood.

We’ve seen deer and warning signs in areas farther from us for all the years we’ve lived in the area. This is the first time we’ve seen them right in our neighbourhood. Such beautiful, gentle creatures, I think these may be black-tailed deer. Yet we know how damaging they can be to gardens. Oh dear!

October 27, 2012 in Canada and BC, Home, Neat stuff by Marja-Leena