Photo taken in Cathedral Grove on our recent trip.

Do you ever experience a let-down feeling after a long period of excitement which may include a trip? For a couple of days I was really feeling in the doldrums, not wanting to do anything but read blogs and newspapers and eat. Thinking back, I have been incredibly busy since September, doing a lot of new work for my exhibition which opened in November. On opening day another grandchild was born and really added to the excitement. After the show came down in December, I did not have much time to experience the usual and normal letdown afterwards as I entered into the pre-Christmas activities and preparation. Then of course came the holidays with all the excitement with family, friends and house guests, the last with whom we took the trip I wrote about. Whew! Is it any wonder I was tired!? This was a much delayed reaction, I realized, so I think I deserved a couple of days of laziness!

This morning I had several hours alone at home and the sun was actually and unexpectedly shining. (We’ve had 26 consecutive days of precipitation. The record is 28 days of rain in Vancouver, set in 1953!) I really got motivated to take down all the Christmas decorations, pack them away, take the tree outside and sweep up all the needles and dust. Suddenly my granddaughters and other family arrived for a visit and play and dinner. ‘Twas a busy day and I feel much better!! May the muse come next!

January 14, 2006 in Being an Artist by Marja-Leena