found photos


Left: Dream Vessel    Centre: Dream Structure    Right: Memory/Dreams IV


Left: Memory/Dreams I    Centre: Memory/Dreams III

These two photographs dropped out from inside some papers I was sorting through while looking for something else, as often happens. They are installation photos of some of my printworks in an exhibition called Forms and Figures at the Ferry Building Gallery in West Vancouver back in 1993. This was noted on the back of the photos but with no mention of the other two or three artists also in the exhibition. Memory fails me now, though I think I might know but don’t want to make any mistakes. If I come across the information in an another poke through my messy files, I’ll add it here.

Should you be interested in a better look at these pieces, please check out the Dreams series

On my summer break from the print studio, I really must get back to my small home studio to continue the tidy-up I started last summer as well as sort through a new mess!

April 10, 2013 in Art Exhibitions, Being an Artist, Dreams by Marja-Leena