gardens and bees


The first half of the month of May was cool and showery. Last week was very pleasant, a comfortable temperature for doing the garden work, the busiest time of year. But this week it’s suddenly very hot and I am struggling to get it all done. Any newly planted annuals or transplanted perennials are suffering and wilting easily. I’m wilting too as it’s too warm, too fast. This afternoon when I stopped for a break, I checked our thermometer on the west side of the house, though it was still in shade – it read 28C (83F).

I’ve noticed that we have a lot of bees on our garden, what we fondly call bumblebees with the fat furry tiger striped bodies. I tried catching a photo of them feeding in the chives flowers. Here’s one in flight, enlarged.


Curious about the name, I learned that they really are called bumblebees and even have their own website,! After reading this spring about bee colonies dying by the thousands, I’m really happy to see them around here. Perhaps they are organic bees, which have not been decimated like the others.

May 31, 2007 in Being an Artist, Home by Marja-Leena