in the woods

Today’s walk in weak sunshine,
to clear sugar-overload-cobwebs from my mind.
Here, balmy almost spring-like air,
while there’s snow elsewhere.


Vivid green moss on tree trunks,
ferns decorating them and forest floor.


Fallen trees from past storms
quickly returning to the soil.


Nurse trees sport muscular roots,
the better to hang on to the earth.


Someone has left a surprise for all,
a tree decorated with shiny red and silver balls.


Remains of a clump of massive trees
stand like Stonehenge in the rainforest.


Silvery water and thin grey clouds,
trees in black silhouette await
the passing of winter solstice,
remembering one year ago on this date.

The two bottom photos were taken by my husband.

ADDENDUM January 3rd, 2010: This entry was submitted to January’s Festival of Trees hosted this time by xenogere. I’m pleased to be part of the lovely guided walk through many fascinating places.

December 19, 2009 in Being an Artist, Canada and BC by Marja-Leena