language and place

Being an immigrant and interested in how language, culture and place affect us as individuals and as societies, a couple of months ago I became intrigued by the >Language > Place blog carnival. Edition 4 is now up, hosted by Jean Morris at tasting rhubarb. I’m pleased to say that one of my old posts from my archives is up there amongst some fascinating writers and artists (including another Finn!) which I’m slowly savouring. What a wonderful presentation especially with the excerpts, thank you, Jean!

Synchronicity rules! Today qarrstiluni, under the current theme of translation has posted my photos of an English-Finnish dictionary, also an old post from my archives. Thanks to the editors for choosing my piece for this most compelling issue!

UPDATE March 1st, 2011: This just came into my newsfeed: Language Diversity Index Tracks Global Loss of Mother Tongues

February 28, 2011 in Culture, History, Linguistics by Marja-Leena