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London Underfoot #1


London Underfoot #13

I have procrastinated for much too long in preparing and then posting images of my print works from the past year and a half. After working all day on these, I’m thrilled to say that I have at last published the London Underfoot print series in my slide show/gallery***. They are to be found within the ARKEO series – please have a look. Some of you will recognize several of the images from photos which I had previously posted as “London: details” under the “travel” theme, for example here.

Here’s an excerpt of a statement I once wrote about these:

In April/May of 2009, while visiting family in the Muswell Hill neighbourhood in London, England, I was attracted by the wide variety of interesting old ‘street furniture’, as some English call the various utility covers on their streets and walks. One afternoon while out for a long walk, and feeling rather like an archaeologist documenting history, I captured about 40 photos of these, and could have found more if we’d had the time. Back home, in the fall, I chose twenty-six of these images and printed each in editions of five plus artist’s proofs. They are printed with archival inkjet on handmade Japanese Kitakata paper, taking advantage of its slight irregularities and uneven edges.

I then chose to put the artists’ proofs into a small book or album. The borders are trimmed away to allow contrast with the black sheets. It’s a simple and attractive way to show off the entire series to visitors. I hope to somehow photograph that book to show here.

Another group of works which I developed from these small prints will hopefully be uploaded soon, now that I have made this belated start to catch up!

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*** Please visit my new Gallery to see some of this series. These small works are still to be installed…

January 17, 2011 in Arkeo, Digital printmaking, Printworks by Marja-Leena