Looking back: Joulupukki


Isn’t it fascinating how the Santa Claus figure has evolved in different countries? In Finland, the jolly fellow is called ‘Joulupukki’ and his home is on Korvatunturi Mountain, in Finnish Lapland. (Some links have since died, sorry.)

Recently, I read a fascinating article concerning the possible source of the name Joulupukki, which means literally ‘Jule goat’. Eventually he evolved into the American style Santa, who, surprise! was designed by the son of Finnish emigrant, Haddon Sudblom. Enjoy the reads, and have fun getting ready for Christmas!

UPDATE Dec.23rd, 2007 – Just read this in our weekend paper: Never mind the North Pole: Santa’s in Lapland, by Polish student Grzegorz Wieclaw.

December 19, 2007 in Culture, Finland, Estonia & Finno-Ugric, Folk Legends & Myths, History by Marja-Leena