more blog friends


Thoughts about meeting blog friends are still on my mind. I recently wrote about one meeting among several such meetings on our trip.

We had one more meeting on our last day in London. Barrett Bonden of Works Well and his wife kindly offered to come into London, suggesting lunch in a modest Indian restaurant on the Strand. BB made the place sound rather intriguing and an adventure, the site of an earlier get together he’d had with other bloggers. Shabby chic, reasonably priced good Indian food and excellent company it was!

Just like on his blog, BB is a man of dry wit, humour and erudition who teasingly challenges me with tough questions, often on his blog or mine. The four of us had a delightful time, like old friends do, thanks to blogging. Sadly we forgot to take photos in all the excitement.

Coming back to the present, on Monday this week I also met Hattie of Hattie’s Web. A resident of Hawaii, Hattie was making her annual visit to the Vancouver FolkFest, staying with her cousin here. She and cousin Bettie came over for a quick visit. Again, how easily we got into conversation, quickly filling in the blanks as if we’d known each other a long time even though usually I’m shy. After a bit of a tour of our home and some of my art on the walls, Bettie showed me a few of her beautiful quilted and stitched textile pieces using recycled mens’ silk ties.

Hattie has already mentioned our meeting and posted a photo (my bad hair day!). Of course, I forgot to take any. Wonderful to meet them both. Next year again?

Meanwhile chaos reigns on the home front this week and next. Our house is being reroofed so it’s noisy, dusty, messy and distracts me no end. Memories of years of renovations revisit me. However it will be a relief to not have leaks when the monsoons return in November.

July 23, 2009 in Blogging, Travel by Marja-Leena