Hazelnuts or filberts drying in the sun
granddaughters picked this first crop ever to be harvested from our tree
only because we cut it down before the squirrels got them all
a tree that was planted by squirrels in an unsuitable place
how we are all looking forward to a taste!

Added later, the gorgeous photo below of the nuts still with their “skins”, taken by Elisa and found on her blog


Added September 5th:

After a few days of sunning (the nuts, not me!), I could not resist the urge to crack open just a few as I wondered if they might just all be hollow as we’ve found them in the past. Indeed the first few proved to be so, but the next few had the withered and undeveloped beginnings of nuts. I suspect we picked them too early even though the squirrels had already been investigating them. I’ll wait for daughter and granddaughters to crack the rest to see if any good ones can be found. We’re all quite green regarding nut harvesting, though Elisa is a keen forager.

September 2, 2012 in Home, Nature, Photoworks by Marja-Leena