pen, ink & wash




My most recently unrolled set of drawings, again from 1982, consist mostly of life drawings done in pen and ink with wash. I will always remember the mixed feelings of trepidation in using such a demanding medium to do very quick studies, as well as the excitement in the challenge and in seeing the almost instant results. The flaws only add to the dynamic freshness of this way of working.

A wonderful surprise for me in some of these was to discover how the blue-black ink had in some places transformed over time to a sepia tone. In fact, the second image above is the reverse side, a bleed, of the top one. Though I have enhanced it a little for viewing here, it still does not show well here yet I think I like it more than the original. The third piece is a favourite detail from a larger sketch with a lovely blend of colours, accidental in that it was a product of the passage of time, rather than coming from the artist’s hand.

June 10, 2012 in Drawings by Marja-Leena