revisiting the past


I wonder how many bloggers go back over their archives and get lost rereading old posts? I’ve been doing that a lot since the blog redesign went up for I’ve had to check for certain funky things going on, such as with the formatting of the text. Of course, I end up reading everything, quite self-absorbed creature that I seem to be! With eight years of archives, I’ve only touched on a fraction, and it’s distracting me from ‘real’ work. They are a mixed bag with a few little treasures for me personally, rather like delving into old diaries and photo albums.

One of these is the above photo of my five-year-old self previously published here. It’s probably the best picture of me in my longish life, I think, so I’ve decided to place it here in honour of my birthday yesterday. As I get older, birthdays do seem to trigger some revisiting of the past, of remembering family and friends now gone or with whom we have lost touch. And feeling blessed by those who are still near and dear to us.

February 12, 2012 in Blogging by Marja-Leena