rocks bearing fossils


Eight years ago, when I had an exhibition of my works in a gallery in Edmonton, Alberta, my husband and I decided to deliver my framed works by car and make this journey into a bit of a holiday. One of the highlights of this memorable trip was seeing the Hoodoos near North Battleford, which I’ve mentioned here a few times before. The other was a visit to the fantastic Royal Tyrrell Museum. It’s famous for it’s paleontological collection, which I certainly enjoyed, but I was very excited by the fossil collection and snapped a lot of photos of these.


Being in glass cases with low light, not all the photographs turned out well. Here are a few of my favourites. Like the hoodoos, some of these images became incorporated in several of my prints.


This one was used in Paths XII and Paths XIII/Nexus and others.


This one appeared in several pieces including Nexus V, Nexus VII and Nexus/Blue II and III

See what happens when I go through old photographs!

September 21, 2007 in Canada and BC, Photoworks, Rock Art & Archaeology, Rocks by Marja-Leena